Sabtu, 15 November 2008

I can't stand! I'm upset...!

Why am i trapped here? In so big crushes. And not just once, but so many times. I am trying to walk away,but this crush ain't going away... I am not writing David archuleta's song lyrics,,, but what written in that song is totally like what i'm feeling.
Painful,confusing,and annoying crush. Should i stop when my heart won't?
Hahahaha,it seems so lebay! But it is true.

For M,
So painful to know that u choose that gurl...
Huh,porky girl.

For A,
So annoying to realize that u don't know what i feel. But i think this feeling came just because ur patient,ur kindness, ur way when u speak. I'm just impressed maybe.

Whatever you all did,it gave me new experience, made me more mature.